The Swiss Cinematographers Society SCS was founded in 1996. Today, it counts 39 cinematographers, admitted by invitation of their peers. Its members are present at the highest technical and artistic level of Swiss and international productions, as many award-winning films show.

SCS is a member of IMAGO, the International Federation of Cinematographers, which brings together cinematographers' societies from over 70 countries.

The main goals of the SCS are:

  • the promotion of the importance of cinematography to directors, producers, festivals, film schools and the public
  • to highlight the participation of the director of photography as an author of the image and to defend his/her authorship and rights.
  • to defend the Rights to Color Correction, both initially and if the project is retimed/restored.
  • the improvement of the technical, artistic and ethical conditions inherent to the exercise of this profession
  • the promotion of camaraderie and diversity within the profession
  • the promotion of technical, artistic and cultural exchanges among its members and with organizations in other countries pursuing similar goals.